Prof. András Jávor. Ph.D., D.Sc.


Attila Fűr, M. Sc. E.E.

vice director

Research activity

The research activity of the Center is aimed at the elaboration of discrete event (DEVS) methodologies. Efficient algorithms for time advancement and state representation have been developed. The state representation methodologies were aimed at the treatment of indeterminacies and conflict situations. Our recent and present research activities are aimed at the development and application of AI controlled simulation.

One important field is concerned with the introduction of intelligent agents monitoring the models during dynamic simulation and reconstructing their structure parameters and the interaction among the model elements to obtain adequate models. This work is based on our research results for developing intelligent demons that were the forerunners of the agents applied widely recently.

We have also been developing novel high level Petri nets in particular Knowledge Attributed Petri Nets enabling the application of mobile knowledge attributed objects and we are active in the research of intelligent mobile agents.

An other methodology we are interested in is the DEVS treatment of conventionally continuously represented systems.

We have applied our results in a wide area of fields of applications and we are particular interested and active in the model reconstruction of interdisciplinary and soft models. Our approach for verifying the research results is their implementation in simulation software tools and testing them by solving problems arising in various fields.

Details of our activities and results can be found in the Lists of Publications and the Projects.