Prof. András Jávor. Ph.D., D.Sc.


Attila Fűr, M. Sc. E.E.

vice director



Based on the internationally acknowledged R&D work in simulation led by Professor Jávor since the 70's he was asked to establish the McLeod Institute of Simulation Sciences Hungarian Center and appointed as its director in 1995. As simulation is an applied science the strategy of the Center is to undertake combined efforts in research development and education in the field of simulation. An inductive-deductive approach is applied where for solving problems arising in various fields of application generalized methodologies and algorithms are elaborated, implemented in simulation software and applied for solving problems in various fields. The education is conducted in a way where beyond the lectures the graduate and postgraduate students are involved in the R&D work and projects. The main directions of simulation methodology where the Center is active are: discrete event simulation, high level Knowledge Attributed Petri Nets and intelligent agent controlled simulation. The fields of application include the simulation of flexible manufacturing and quality controlled systems, traffic systems, problems of environmental pollution, micro- and macroeconomic systems, interdisciplinary and soft systems (as e.g. the development of regions), etc. The methodological results have been implemented in the CASSANDRA (Cognizant Adaptive Simulation System for Applications in Numerous Different Relevant Areas) simulation system that has been applied for solving problems in various EU, international and national projects.